Program Overview

People, places, and productivity will challenge you in an Industrial Engineering career. You may work in factories, medical laboratories, airports, banks or hospitals to help people be more efficient or to make the workplace better for people. You may arrange the layout of departments in a factory; create new methods to quickly replace worn-out machinery parts so that production may continue; re-arrange and individual’s work station or find a method for him/her to work effectively.

Meet Any Challenge: At NMSU, the Industrial Engineering program covers a broad range of topics related to Industrial Engineering. Recent NMSU graduates have assumed positions at major companies such as:

Meet the Challenge Hands-On: More than one third of Industrial Engineering student participate in the cooperative education program where they learn on the job as well as in the classroom and laboratory. Others gain Industrial Engineering experience through summer internships and on-campus jobs.

Learn to Design a Manufacturing Process: Students also get hands-on experience in the NMSU Industrial Engineering laboratories. They learn to design a manufacturing process from start to finish, taking into account the location and layout of the factory, the raw materials needed, and transportation of raw materials and finished products. They work with computers to design new facilities and to develop work methods. Students use robots, similar to those used in industry, as they learn to improve work place productivity.

Emphasis on People: While Industrial Engineering is about production, the emphasis is on people. That same emphasis is found in Industrial Engineering at NMSU.

Faculty members work closely with students to help them prepare for the challenges they will meet in school and in the workplace. Members of the Alpha Pi Mu honorary society offer tutoring assistance for other students in the department. Students are encouraged to become involved in activities outside the classroom, too. Member of the student chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) participate in a regional engineering conference each year and in community service projects in Las Cruces. They join intramural sports such as basketball, volleyball, softball, and touch football, and are involved in other sports such as golf, tennis, racquetball, running, and aerobics.


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