Graduate Student Requirements

Requirements for Graduation

It is the responsibility of the student to complete all forms before submitting them to the IE department. Blank forms will not be accepted.

  1. Application for Degree (Diploma) – All Graduate Students must submit their degree application online through Students are advised to complete a final STAR Degree Audit and verify with an academic adviser that all requirements are in progress, before submission of application. The application deadlines are not flexible and late applications will not be accepted.Students who fail to meet graduation requirements by the date indicated on the?Application for Degree (Diploma)?must reapply and pay fees again. Changes to applications must be submitted by email to? in the semester.
  2. Program of Study –? You are required to complete a? Program of Study for Master’s Students?form after you have completed 12 NMSU credits. A student needs to submit this, showing courses taken and courses currently being taken to fulfill requirements for program.
  3. Final Exam Committee Requirements – Whether you write a thesis, complete a project or take all course work, you must schedule a final examination during your last semester of course work/research. Examination committee rules are in the Graduate Catalog and schedule dates are found on the Graduate School Deadlines page. You should plan to have your adviser, a second IE graduate faculty member, and an external (outside the IE department) faculty member. The external member will also serve as the Dean of the Graduate School ‘s Representative. To insure that a Faculty Member is currently a member of the Graduate Faculty and to check their appointment expiration date please preview the Graduate Faculty Listings.
  4. Other Forms?– Additional forms can be found on the?Graduate School website.

?Scheduling your exam:

  • Schedule a 2-hour time block that is convenient for you and your selected faculty committee.?Students are responsible for contacting and scheduling their committee.
  • Reserve the IE Conference Room,? EC III Rm 279, with the Industrial Engineering Secretary. Please let the Secretary know if you will need any additional equipment if you are presenting a project or thesis such as a projector, laptop, etc.
  • You will also need to complete the Master’s Final Examination Form. This must be submitted to the Graduate School at least 10 working days in advance prior to your exam.
  • Consult with your adviser if you have any questions.
  • Be on time for your examination. If you’re using equipment for presenting research, you should arrive early to set up.

Please plan to attend the College of Engineering ‘s Sociedad de Ingeneiros ceremony that is held to recognize our engineering graduates. This ceremony is held the Friday evening before Graduation. Family and Friends are welcome.


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